A luxury resort for all our fauna

In Cortijo el Puerto we have prepared spaces for different species, both our indigenous and non-native species. We want visiting birds to reduce their temporary stay and nest regularly in our natural refuges. We are experts in building sustainable habitats. We have “five-star hotels” for insects; friendly plant covers where mammals and birds can enjoy their “favourite menu” at ecological “restaurants” (for example nectar and pollen; hives for Bombus terrestris bumblebees; nest boxes and natural refuges for birds; mobile poultry houses; donkey and cattle stables; breeding ponds for amphibians, ducks and other aquatic species.

In short, excellent facilities and services, and with the advantages of the All-Inclusive. The best habitat our customers have ever dreamed of!


“Multitasking” Ponds

First, they offer shelter to aquatic species: amphibians (frogs, toads), fish, ducks, geese, and turtles. They are designed with a central island that is decorative but also protects birds from possible predators. Second, they serve as collection points for clean water, in order to supply insects and other animals on the farm with fresh water all year round. This is possible thanks to a system of pipelines through which rainwater circulates and flows into our ponds, after having been purified with biological filters.

Let us take care of our water, the most abundant component of the earth’s surface!


Our guests, our reason for being

To get in touch with the ecology around us we observe and invite beneficial insects by building them a special habitat at Cortijo el Puerto. We build these “hotels” with natural materials from Sierra Norte de Sevilla, without using chemical treatment adapting different shapes and sizes, always providing insects with nesting facilities . We have a network of fourteen Hotels for insects strategically distributed throughout the farm. We offer a wide range of rooms according to the needs of our “costumers”: bamboo, wood, and bricks with holes to provide accommodation for bees, bumblebees and wasps; a variety of bug-friendly materials like straw, cork, sticks,bamboo or pinecones that allow ladybugs to acclimatise and stay during the winter; for delicate butterflies and lacewings, we provide closed boxes full of straw with an entrance groove and pots rotated full of fiber for earwigs. We also have year-round bee hives, including those designed specifically for our Bombus terrestris bumblebees during their periods of maximum pollination.

The accommodations are oriented to the south so that the warmth of the Andalusian sun can offer all kind of “birth facilities” for future generations  Genuine “five star hotels” for insects!


Our “deal” with bees

In Cortijo el Puerto, we have negotiated a natural year-round exchange with bees, our pollinating insects par excellence. We provide them with shelter in beehives (a common hostel for the colonies of worker bees and drones, with a special suite for the queen bee); we also offer them food: nectar and pollen from the ecological “restaurants” of the flower beds on our vegetation cover.For the Bombus terrestris bumblebees, our allies and experts in pollination under adverse conditions, we provide temporary hives at times of maximum flowering. In return, these insects pollinate the olive groves, the self-fertilizing varieties of almond trees, increasing the flora and the quality and quantity of our crops. We also obtain jars of delicious honey for consumption, as well as pollen, natural wax, and royal jelly. A logical deal for us, and the best possible Bed and Breakfast for the bees!


Natural Accommodations

The quantity and variety of vegetal species at Cortijo el Puerto farm creates a perfect natural framework for animals that need temporary shelter. This is especially true for some types of birds, which take advantage of the grasses and soft materials of the plant covers to build their nests. We want to offer them the best natural dwellings, to strengthen their nests and promote nesting in colonies … We are committed to the birth and breeding of new generations in Cortijo el Puerto: a maternity ward for birds!

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Premio “Alimentos de España” Producción Ecológica
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