Our dream at Cortijo el Puerto: create an agricultural community where living beings exist in perfect harmony! A sustainable farm where flora and fauna coexist to produce organic food of high nutritional value: oil, almond, etc. Reckoning and perceiving Biodiversity as a vital element of sustainable agriculture.

We promote biodiversity and soil quality. Soil and health are the foundation for all agriculture and natural plant communities at Cortijo El Puerto and also a basic indicator of sustainable land management. The farm extends over two hundred and twelve hectares and houses one hundred thousand shrubs in its perimeter. There’s a two hundred and eighty thousand plus, ecological tree hedgerow system; it is protected by a cover of vegetation. Flora, Fauna and Habitat share together in mutual empathy within this ecosystem.

Biodiversity is the Master key at Cortijo El Puerto!

Ingeoliva is associated to:

Certificado Biodinámico (Démeter)
Certificado Biodinámico (Démeter)
AVPA Paris
Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica
Asociación de Agricultura de Conservación AEAC SV
Asociación para la agricultura biodinámica de España