Our dream at Cortijo el Puerto: create an agricultural community where living beings exist in perfect harmony! A sustainable farm where flora and fauna coexist to produce organic food of high nutritional value: oil, almond, etc. Reckoning and perceiving Biodiversity as a vital element of sustainable agriculture.

We promote biodiversity and soil quality. Soil and health are the foundation for all agriculture and natural plant communities at Cortijo El Puerto and also a basic indicator of sustainable land management. The farm extends over two hundred and twelve hectares and houses one hundred thousand shrubs in its perimeter. There’s a two hundred and eighty thousand plus, ecological tree hedgerow system; it is protected by a cover of vegetation. Flora, Fauna and Habitat share together in mutual empathy within this ecosystem.

Biodiversity is the Master key at Cortijo El Puerto!

Ingeoliva is associated to:

Premio “Alimentos de España” Producción Ecológica
Premio “Alimentos de España” Producción Ecológica
Certificado Biodinámico (Démeter)
Certificado Biodinámico (Démeter)
AVPA Paris
Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica
Asociación de Agricultura de Conservación AEAC SV
Asociación para la agricultura biodinámica de España