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Whether in the countryside, the city or the beach, during this time of year, and even more so with the current heat wave that accompanies us, we lose our appetite because of the heat.

organic biodynamic evoo cortijoo el puerto salad with vegetables and seeds

Delicious and versatile, Olive Oil, king of the Mediterranean diet

If there is a food that is very much ours and versatile, it is extra virgin olive oil. Healthy for frying or for making delicious raw dishes, such as gazpachos, salmorejos, salads…also, we encourage you to try them in the most unknown areas such as desserts, cocktails, ice creams or smoothies. In summer, the Mediterranean diet offers a rich range of possibilities that we encourage you to explore. With 10 varieties and 3 blends, the eco biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto multiplies the possibilities by giving those sweet, spicy, almond or bitter touches that will surprise the most demanding palates. Multiple rich nuances for each palate expanding the uses of extra virgin olive oils in a healthy and nutritious way.

organic biodynamic extra virgin olive oil cortijo el puerto aove ecologico


For those who are more athletic… especially in summer, before starting physical exercise we must prepare our body by eating foods rich in antioxidants. Do you know that Cortijo el Puerto Biodynamic Eco EVOO is a source of natural antioxidants?
Aceite de Oliva Virgen extra ecológico biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto

Organic and biodynamic green gold. The olive juices from Cortijo el Puerto are a true tribute to nature and the product of a rich and balanced ecosystem, and this is evident in their quality and flavour. For those concerned about the environment… Organic extra virgin olive oil goes beyond being a simple trend, there is a clear interest in consuming quality and natural products both for the direct benefits they bring to those who consume them, and to the environment.

No pesticides or synthetic herbicides, we bet on natural biological control, on the farm, herds of black and white merino sheep graze and browse among the olive trees to eliminate weeds. The biodynamic agriculture from which these olives are result implies a philosophy of life: understanding the soils and the interactions of the ecosystem, producing food in a healthier way and with higher quality as well as long-term sustainability.

Premio alimentos de España Producción ecológica IngeOliva Cortijo el Puerto

To speak of Cortijo el Puerto EVOO is to speak of Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability. Recognized and positioned internationally in recent years, it is among the top three positions in the EVOO World Ranking, demonstrating that ecology is fully competitive.

But let’s go to those summer recipes…

We suggest you start with a starter of salmon and avocado with walnuts emulsified with our green coupage, a great way to face the day loaded with omegas and healthy fatty acids. Healthy and quality ingredients are for us the basis of a good dish.

aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico y biodinámico cortijo el puerto coupage lunaorganic biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

Practically without cooking (the salmon is grilled) you have ready a delicious meal. To accompany it, an exquisite red pepper salad that we recommend accompanying with hojiblanca, if you are lovers of polyphenols and strong emotions, or with oliana, if you like mild flavors that leave an aftertaste of fresh grass.

AOVE hojiblanca ecologico biodinamico demeter cortijo el puerto_negra y tr

Red and green peppers, onions and boiled eggs. A little olive oil to taste and eat!ensalada pimientos asados aceite de oliv virgen extra ecologico biodnamico cortijo el puertoOliana AOVE Ecologico y biodinamico 500ml transparente con estuche

and for dessert, we leave home….a “gastro-ice cream” made by Quique Sirvent, ice cream maker of Lora del Río, with our Arbosana variety Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Postre arbosana ecologico helado Gastrohelado cortijo el Puerto

how about? has it whetted your appetite?

From Cortijo el Puerto we invite you to enjoy the summer and the rich Mediterranean diet with your favorite dishes and EVOOs. An authentic delight for all palates!!!


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