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TIC4BIO ICT Project starts!!!

The importance of fresh water and the environmental functions and ecosystem services it provides, including its socioeconomic importance, is undoubtedly a constant. In these days, undoubtedly before and harvest and with a long summer, we are more aware.

 TIC4BIO project, in which Cortijo el Puerto is the field laboratory, has the general objective of increasing the competitiveness of the Andalusian ecological agri-food sector through the use of ICT.

ICTs will make it possible to optimize work and favor decision-making regarding the efficient use of water and the improvement of biodiversity given its maximum environmental relevance, derived objectives that are also of great importance and impact.

Cortijo el Puerto, in Lora del Río (Seville), known for its ecological and innovative profile, will be the venue for the study and implementation of the technologies. This is where the functionality of the digital tool will be put into practice.

The project is a project to share, since it is the creation of a digital platform that will be put behind its prototype and development, available to the Andalusian ecological sector, promoting environmental improvements in farms and agri-food industries.

This GO (Operational Group) is made up of: Ecovalia, the Spanish professional association for organic production; the University of Córdoba and the Campus of Agrifood Excellence (ceiA3), the ceiA3 UCO AGR 228 Hydraulics and Irrigation Research Group; Dacartec, a company that develops technological solutions, and Ingeoliva – Cortijo el Puerto, a family business dedicated to precision organic farming that integrates both the field and industrial development on the farm, by having our bioclimatic oil mill and composting plant, facilitating the circular economy.


Cortijo el,puerto economia verde y circular agricultura biodinamica green economy

In the words of Auxiliadora Vecina, Director of R&D Innovation at Ecovalia, it is about “working on two issues of great importance for the context in which we find ourselves, such as the efficient use of a very scarce resource at the moment, such as water and the improvement of biodiversity, all through the use of technology… we have been working on the need to increase biodiversity and make efficient use of water on organic farms, actions that are fully in tune with the current European Green Deal and its two strategies, from Farm to Table and Biodiversity, and the SDGs of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, where the role of organic production is clearly recognized as an effective tool for meeting these objectives”.

Biodynamic & organic farm cortijo el puerto spain healing the earth

The project is financed with European Agricultural Funds for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Andalusian Government in the call for the Operation of Regional Operational Groups of the European Association for Innovation in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP AGRI) of 2020.

Cortijo el Puerto, our contribution

We take note of what is important and, therefore, our ecological and biodynamic project takes it very much into account and our actions are directed towards it.You can say, but isn’t Cortijo el Puerto an agricultural and livestock project, an industrial project?Indeed, but always ecological, and we know that everything influences and that every detail is important, from the processes to the materials.

Our proposal is the regeneration of ecosystems and support for biodiversity, seeking new alternatives, where the collection of data, research, the development of innovative policies and practices contribute to improving the quality of the air and the quality of life in flora, fauna and habitats, preparing healthy food with a high nutritional level collaborating in the health of people and the planet. Quite a goal: Reducing the rates of air pollution, the main cause of the deterioration of people’s health and quality of life, is not an easy task, but every grain of sand adds up. The will, commitment and awareness of all to see real changes are absolutely necessary.


Biodynamic & organic farm cortijo el puerto spain healing the earth

Thinking in blue, thinking in green


Our emphasis is on healing the soil and helping to replenish a balance ecosystem results on producing food in a healthier way and with higher quality.


Biodynamic Farming help to preserve the wildlife, natural habitats and support biodiversity.


Natural, Sustainable and Fighting Climate Change: Biodynamic farms like ours in Cortijo el Puerto, due to the humus in their soil, are able to store more carbon in their soil than other conventional farms. This means that less carbon is released into the air . Biodynamic farms are doing more to add less to the effects of climate change by simply respecting the environment and maintaining its organism.


Improve energy efficiency


Strict quality controls and traceability


Better health and lower ecological impacts.

Approaching the farm as an integrated living organism, and the farmer as a deeply knowledgeable orchestrator, biodynamics is a natural path to regenerative agriculture

Circular economy


Weather stations that help us and technological innovations such as satellite images, remote sensing with our own drones or tree and ground sensors. We use information and communication technologies in the field, GPS geolocation of livestock or monitoring of insects.  Water resources efficient use: aware of the value of this precious resource, we have more than 30 sensors that take care of the precise use of water, promoting efficiency. Analysis data (soil moisture, conductivity and temperature at different depths) and water savings. These data together with those obtained from the weather station allow for a logical and efficient use.


We believe that the sooner we learn about the environment, the more we care about protecting it.


Cultivating natural awareness and a deep understanding of ecology will give us a great advantage.

At Cortijo el Puerto we like to share experiences, provide information and training:

That is why TIC4Bio is a project in which we enter excited with a vocation to learn and share.


Biodynamic & organic farm cortijo el puerto spain healing the earth circular economy