Organic biodynamic EVOO Aceite de oliva ecologico biodinamico iberoleum cortijo el puerto5 Organic & biodynamic EVOO varieties by Cortijo el Puerto have been included in IberOleum, the Spanish Guide of the Extra Virgin olive oil

Organic biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto iberoleum

IberOleum higlights the best oils in Spain, and gathers the best national EVOOs classified annually according to their quality, positive attributes and characteristics.

It is, indeed a reference guide to promote and spread the EVOO culture all over the world.

iberoleum 2020

In the guide we stand out for the number of olive varieties, the high overall score and above all, we are a brand 100% Organic and Biodynamic EVOO, compared to a majority of conventional biodynamic olive oil promoting biodiversity

Committed to quality and ecology, we know this is a synergy that works. We are happy to the be mentioned on this important EVOO guide.

Early harvest and with the utmost care from the ground to packaging, we are aware of the importance of prevention measures, land care, soil protection, harvest time… they are determining factors for the organoleptic features, composition and quality of these olive juices included in IberOleum 2020

Organic biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto Biodiversity

Arbequina, sweet and balanced. Fresh and fruity green olives, a delicate floral fragrance, notes of freshly cut grass, green almond a touch of fennel and vanilla. It presents a slight bitterness and a sensation of pungency, a slight peppery kick, that persists of pleasant sensation in throat. Excellent match with nut breads, fruit salads or mushrooms. Also in desserts and ice cream.

Picual, slightly bitter, fruity green olives of medium-high intensity, green grass, banana, artichoke, almond, tomato. In the mouth bitterness and medium-high peppery kick, great persistence. very high levels of Polyphenols. Recommended with sauteed, fried or scrambled eggs. Balance traditional stews, vegetable pizzas, vegetable stews and rice.

Hojiblanca, sweet inlet and spicy progression, exquisite for expert palates, rich in antioxidants, very high levels of Polyphenols  and very versatile for different culinary techniques and pairings: gazpachos, ajoblanco, poached eggs, stewed vegetables, meats, stews and fish.

Chiquitita Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el PuertoChiquitita, fruity green olives, with herbaceous notes such as freshly cut grass, green almond,  artichoke and aromatic plants. In the mouth it is sweet, with a lightly bitter ending and medium peppery kick as well as vegetable flavour. Medium bitterness and persistent pungency. Ideal match with citrus, honey, nuts and chocolate. Delicius in raw, vinaigrettes and emulsions (alliolli, mayonnaise). Green leafy salads and seafood.

oliana aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto  Oliana, fruity green and ripe olives of medium intensity, fruit porridge, fennel, apple and ripe banana. In the mouth seet, trace notes of nuts such as walnut and chestnut, , without bitterness. Suggesting olfactory notes, very balanced. Ideal for children. Breakfasts and snacks with traditional and special breads. Try it in mayonnaises or soft emulsions or with white fish.

«Granja» perfectly illustrates the variety and richness of our farm in which its inhabitants have become protagonists. A 100% organic-biodynamic and gourmet top quality EVOO ready to taste. Delicious green gold from Cortijo el Puerto.

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Thanks again to IberOleum and our congratulations to the participants and organisers for the magnificent guide of 2020