Arbequina Organic Biodynamic Extra virgin olive oil Cortijo el Puerto EVOO

Smooth and balanced, the extra virgin olive oil of the Arbequina variety is one of the most widely accepted among the general public. Today’s post goes about some reasons for this,and our eco-biodynamic proposal.


Olive tree variety probably originally from Palestine, from where it would be introduced to Spain in the Middle Ages through Spanish navigators. Its success made it settle and protect the Arbeca area, the Lleida region of Les Garrigues, and spread throughout the old kingdom of Aragon. It is currently spread throughout the world.Iin Spain, the regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Andalusia stand out.

cubiertas vegetales premio alimentos de españa cortijo el puerto                    Our organic biodiynamic Olive Grove (Cortijo el Puerto) in Lora del Rio (Seville, Andalusia)

Its fruit is characterized by its small size and its spherical and symmetrical shape. Its reddish and somewhat purple color, depending on its point of maturity.

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In Cortijo el Puerto they are harvested green (early harvest), when they have their best level of polyphenols & antioxidants, thereby achieving a more stable oil.

Arbequina Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

This variety does not have a high resistance to oxidation, so the early collection of this variety is a highly recommended practice for the production of oils of the highest quality.Use it raw frequently so  that it does not lose its taste, its strong aromas, and its nutrients.


Its vigor in medium-low and the extension of its cultivation has grown notably in recent years due to its good characteristics for hedge-row system production and its productivity. The hedge row allows a mechanized harvesting, facilitating the harvest.
Aceite de oliva ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puerto

Our Olive grove Cortijo el Puerto is 100% Organic & Biodynamic Certified. Organic certification agencies like CAAE or Demeter, monitor the farms and do frequent check-ups. It excludes the use of artificial fertilisers, the pesticides, and all sorts of other harmful chemicals.ove ecologico y biodinamico_Banner 500 ml

“A philosophy of life … a unique ecosystem”

Biodynamic agriculture entails a philosophy of life. It is a higher step in organic farming. A farm with Olive, Almond and Citrus grove, framed in a global biodiversity recovery and regeneration environmental project. A more rigorous organic farming. In this agriculture we seek to integrate plants with people and animals. Biodynamics could also be called an “organic Plus” agriculture.Cortijo el Puerto Granja Biodinámica ecológica

The prevention measures, land care and soil protection, the way to control pests,  harvest time… are determining factors for the organoleptic features, composition and quality of food.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Foods stand out for their organoleptic properties, which involve particularities that are measured through analysis of the sensations they produce on the palate of those who consume them. This sensory analysis is based on four basic parameters: color, taste, texture and aroma.

(Biocultura 2019)

In the case of EVOO, we appreciate these characteristics mainly through taste and smell. Arbequina is an extra virgin olive oil with great acceptance among the general public, it has a sweet taste. Arbequina olive oil does not leave any bitter aftertaste, as is the case with Picual, which is why it is preferred by those who reject oils with more intensity and spiciness but who want to enjoy the flavour of extra virgin olive.

Arbequina AOVE ecológico biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto cata maridaje

Our proposal is 100% organic & biodynamic. Exquisite and healthy:  Arbequina,Cortijo el Puerto Organic Biodynamic.

Our EVOO is Fruity of green olives with ripe notes, fruit mush, green almond, vanilla, floral. In the mouth, itching and medium bitterness, leaving an aftertaste of mush and dried fruit, it will remind you of childhood …

It’s Basically Olive Fruit Juice: To make our Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you simply grind the olives into a paste and spin that paste to extract the liquid from the olives: one part of that liquid is water, and the other part is oil: fresh squeezed fruit juice, Green Biodynamic Gold Cortijo el Puerto. A true tribute to nature. A product of a rich and balanced ecosystem, that is noticeable in its quality and flavour.

Granja (Farm): Our wide range of 8 different olive varieties is a noticeble innovation in the world EVOO market, significantly expanding its olive-diversity: 100% Organic and Biodynamic Arbequina, Arbosana, Picual, Koroneiki, Picudo, Hojiblanca, Chiquitita and Oliana. Each oil variety has got a personality, smell and special flavour. They are perfect raw, stimulating our senses by its strong personality, what allows us to pair each plate with its ideal variety in order to appreciate nuances, aromas, flavours and organoleptic sensations of the different mono-varietals.

Reflection of biodiversity and ecosystem integration, we have chosen as image of each olive variety, one of the animals of the farm, normally linked to its habitat area. Thus, Arbequina is represented by a hare.The Arbequina Hare runs freely in full freedom within the estate. It feeds on a the variety of plants (mainly legumes) and drinks water from small, easily accessible ponds designed for them.

arbequina aceite de oliva virgen extra ecologico biodinamico ingeoliva

Pairing (scrumptious)

Our proposal is breakfasts and snacks with traditional breads (bar, farmhouse) and sweets: orange, honey, walnuts, figs, avocado …

Arbequina AOVE ecológico biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto organic breakfast

Combine with cold dishes, vinaigrettes, sauces and soft emulsions. Ideal in green leafy salads with pineapple or mango. Try it grilled with mild-flavored mushrooms (Boletus Edulis).

Exquisite with white fish and shellfish.

For confectioners and kitchens: rich, rich in desserts, as a substitute for butter in biscuits and cakes. Delicious in homemade nutellas and ice cream.

olive oil cake arbequina ecologico biodinamico aove cortijo el puerto

Arbequina is available in our online store in 500 ml black and transparent glass bottle, an ideal format to try and for gifts!Arbequina AOVE ecológico biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto tienda on line comprar

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Now that you know it, you can taste the difference. Arbequina Organic and Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto, soft, healthy and exquisite on the palate …


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