Cortijo el Puerto, is the first company to implement the use of the new QR code localization system in the food industry, supported by with the advice of ONCE through The Spanish Braille Commission (CBE, from its Spanish initials). In addition, in our continuous commitment to innovation and accessibility we have extended Braille labeling to 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml bottles and in the cases of the Nano, Micro and Mini Granja collections. The QR code, with its corresponding identification tactile mark, is located in the lower right part of the label.

The excellent quality and taste of our oils is a pleasure for the most demanding palates and pairings. Today, it is already available in the market and increasingly accessible to people with special needs and  visual disabilities for whom we have adapted, being groundbreaking, the QR code localization system using tactile marks following the recommendations of the CBE.Our ecological EVOO is the product of a project that combines innovation and respect for the environment and materializes in the production of organic food with high nutritional value.

Cortijo el Puerto is committed to the environment and biodiversity, improving agriculture and preserving our ecosystem, where animals are the protagonists, through their image, they are the faces we can see in our eleven varieties.

In the culture of oil, “blind tasting” is a usual procedure, since it is precisely not with the eyes, but with the palate and smell as they are discovered and enjoy the organoleptic characteristics of the EVOOs. We increasingly seek social inclusion and accessibility to information about our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for people with visual disabilities and show that barriers can be reduced with actions like these.


It is a start  for us to play a role in the search for greater social equality and non-discriminatory standards.Thanks to all those who help to make it possible!

Our “Granja” Collection in Braille!

Especially to Alberto Daudén and Pedro Ruiz, Technicians of the Spanish Braille Commission. We hope you like it!!!