Destino andalucía visita Cortijo el Puerto

Discovering new corners of cultural value, beauty and environmental importance, “Destination Andalusia” has recently arrived in Lora del Río.

Lora del río

One of the outstanding visit enclaves has been Cortijo el Puerto, a focus of biodiversity and an example of eco and oleotourism. Here, the tourist activity takes place without altering the balance of the environment, in full contact with Nature, learning and enjoying an environment that also offers the products of a healthy and rich ecosystem.

Cortijo el Puerto organic Biodynamic Farm Granja Ecológica y Biodinámica

In this post you can find info on the benefits of agriculture, livestock and organic and biodynamic food as well as an invitation to know the area and in particular Cortijo el Puerto, a Farm concept with a powerful innovation and biodiversity project.

Ecotourism: ecology and information outreach

We are true environmentalists by heart and head. Every day we observe the ability to generate life shown by organic ecosystems, life from biodiversity, which enriches the production and nutritional composition of our products.

Organic biodynamic Olive oil_Aceite de Oliva ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto In Cortijo el Puerto we work to spread the Ecology 4.0 and innovation message in which we work every day. We strive to share  and popularise our organic ideas, values, information, knowledge and experience so that it reaches the vast majority of the public. We like people to come to the farm and get to know Cortijo el Puerto Project. Eco, Gastro and Oleotourism with an important touch of R&D.

Smart farming Organic almond R&D Cortijo el Puerto

The International Ecotourism Society, defines Ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education” (TIES, 2015).  Education is meant to be inclusive of both staff and guests.” Ecotourism is also linked to ethics, education and to build environmental and cultural awareness, deliver memorable experiences to visitors and to promote the well-being of local communities with the preservation of the natural environment. With this, we all win.

Biodynamic Ecology & Innovation_Agricultura Ecológica y biodinámica 4.0_Cortijo el Puerto_ 2019_3

As you already know, organic farming is an agricultural method that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes. This means that organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact as it encourages

the responsible use of energy and natural resources

the maintenance of biodiversity

preservation of regional ecological balances

enhancement of soil fertility

maintenance of water quality

Additionally, organic farming rules encourage a high standard of animal welfare and require farmers to meet the specific behavioural needs of animals.

We are also bidynamic certified, that means a philosophy of life. It is a higher step in organic farming, for instance, it takes into account the cycles of the moon in the harvest or the way to obtain the compost.By using these methods and procedures we focus to get a more rigorous organic farming. In this agriculture we seek to integrate plants with people and animals. Biodynamics could also be called an “organic Plus” agriculture. 

Cortijo el Puerto biodynamic organic biodiversity Granja Biodinámica ecológica

This is a model able to answer the great challenges that the agricultural sector is already facing: scarcer rainfall, more degraded soils due to abuse and neglect and a demand for higher quality food as well as long-term sustainability. Understanding soils and ecosystem interactions, producing food in a healthier way and with higher quality.

Integrated organic Livestock Cortijo el Puerto 3

High Standards

Organic farming uses a production system of maximum reliability and traceability from the field to table (Council Regulation 834/2007, etc.). All agents involved in the agri-food chain are subject to the control and inspection of the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, packaging, labelling, etc.Organic food comes from trusted sources.

In Cortijo el Puerto we are organic certified by the CAAE and by international Demeter for biodynamic.Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

The processes themselves allow to maintain the purity of all the ingredients, and that is noticeable in its flavour. In short, it benefits your health, respects the balance of nature and contributes to the preservation of the ecosystem and sustainable rural development.

Team Equipo Leone & Cortijo el Puerto

Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies. Cortijo el Puerto promotes Biodiversity, We breed local, threatened and endangered breeds. We have “five-star hotels” for insects; friendly plant covers where mammals and birds can enjoy their “favourite menu” at organic “restaurants”,  breeding ponds for amphibians, ducks and other aquatic species. In short, excellent facilities and services, and with the advantages of the All-Inclusive. The best habitat our “customers” have ever dreamed of!

hotels for insectsOur Hotels for insects and beneficial auxiliary fauna

Black-Merino-Sheep_Cortijo el Puerto organic livestock  Black merino sheep

white merino sheep organic livestockWhite merino sheep grazing our olive grovelife and biodiversity cortijo el puertoLife & biodiversity


Our dear pollinators,

In Cortijo el Puerto we are a professional and committed team that combines Ecology and R&D. We integrate organic farming and agriculture with a global concept of farm, in a beneficial and balanced symbiosis.

Flora fauna habitat biodinámica ecológico

Tasty Organic Products

Studies and reports suggest that foods of vegetable origin, fruits, vegetables, and of course olive juice, nutritionally are characterized by the presence of minerals, vitamins and substances of antioxidant character and in these nutrients fruits and vegetables of organic origin stand out about non-ecological. Our organic olive juice at Cortijo el Puerto is, in addition to very high quality, diverse as its olive varieties. This year, eight different and versatile biodynamic oils in their tasting and pairing notes. Exquisite Organic and biodynamic EVOO.

Organic & Biodynamic EVOO varieties _AOVE Granja ecollógico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto Cortijo el Puerto Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, Picudo, Oliana, Arbosana, Picual and Chiquitita. Olive varieties and organic and biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Eating organic food is recommended, because no preservatives, dyes, or antibiotics, chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used.  In addition, the studies provide more nutrients, thanks to the use of natural fertilisers, with more presence of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as a higher quality of carbohydrates and proteins.On the other hand, the regulation on organic products prevents the use of antibiotics in the treatment of animals, avoiding negative consequences on the consumer and promoting animal welfare.

Organic sheepsWhite  Merino Sheeps

The veterinary treatment that is given to our livestock, with very few exceptions, is often homeopathic and preventive, avoiding the administration of antibiotics, tranquilisers or hormones.

poultryPoultry: Chickens (Utrerana breed)

Due to the care we give to our soils in the Cortijo and that the plants are regenerated and fertilised organically, they grow healthier and develop in a better way, preserving the authentic aroma, color and flavour. The oranges, the eggs, the almonds, the olives that grow in the farmhouse, are result and product of careful and healthy ecosystem. everything adss up and this is also quite noticeble in the palate.

Our thanks to “Destination Andalusia” and its great team. Here you can watch the video corresponding to the visit.