“Revolutionary concept with the images of farm animals on the label and a casual format, reminiscent of a pharmacy syrup bottle”

In this master formula EVOOLEUM has defined the concept and packaging of Cortijo el Puerto, awarded the bronze in the category of Best Innovative Design.

This edition, EVOOLEUM International Contest Awards rewards the 100 best extra virgin olive oil in the world and become more international.

The act were was held in La Moraleja (Alcobendas, Madrid) highlighting the demanding and excellent jury: the Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz; the designer Ángel Schlesser; the chef Javier Bonet or the journalist and blogger Teresa de la Cierva, member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, among others. Its jury, elected especially for these prizes, is composed of leading personalities of the world of fashion, design and communication. A multidisciplinary, professional and critical team that enriches the evaluations. The jury’s decision was expressed in three different categories: Best Premium EVO Design, Best Innovative Design and Best Retail Range Design.

                                                                                                   Photo of team taken from the Mercacei news

EVOOLEUM, has also been a pioneer in EVOO Competitions, highlighting and creating a category for packaging, rewarding the concept and quality of packaging and also the brand image of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We congratulate all the participants and winners, especially the “gold”: Herdade do Esporão Biológico (Esporão, S.A.), O-MED Limited Edition, from Venchipa, S.L. and Herdade do Sobrado, by Fitagro Grupo, S.L .

Our EVOO, awarded in the category of Best Innovative Design, according to the jury, stood out, precisely for what we wanted to represent: the communion of animals and creatures of the farm with our oil, the result of an ecological farming and loving care where each of the olive varieties is represented by one of our inhabitants. They have become protagonists through the magic wand of CabelloxMure that has managed to capture perfectly in the labels and designs the spirit of our ecosystem. Once again, our thanks to Isabel Cabello, Enrique Moreno, Ana Mure and all the team for their excellent interpretation of Cortijo el Puerto. This award also guarantees all the EVOOs awarded in the Packaging EVOOLEUM Awards to appear in the 2019 edition of the prestigious Guide EVOOLEUM World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils -10,000 copies in Spanish and English- that has a complete record of each one of the awarded juices together with their packaging. It is available in paper and app and is distributed to the catering and gourmet sector, as well as to distributors worldwide. Happy, happy, happy…with these awards that reward quality inside and out, Cortijo el Puerto consolidates its commitment to the victorious trio that make up quality, ecology and innovation.