Cortijo el Puerto welcomes the Andalusian Trade Promotion Agency   and the Agricultural Training Research Centre of Cabra, Córdoba. Benito Márquez (Extenda), led and accompanied a group of sixteen foreign companies from Peru, Chile, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa and Turkey, including oil producers, importers and distributors of products from the olive grove industry, and some institution of the sector. We were also accompanied by our friends great supporters and catalyst for EVOO culture in the US and Japan Alexis Kerner and Tomiko Tanaka. During the visit, all of them were able to know firsthand how we work, our hedgerow system, R & D (Research and Development) plantations based on ecological techniques and precision agriculture applied to almond trees and olive grove, and how we promote biodiversity and soil quality.Cortijo el Puerto Visita Extenda Ifapa
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We were also accompanied by our friends and great broadcaster of the EVOO culture Alexis Kerner (USA) and Tomiko Tanaka (Japan).
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Cortijo el Puerto Visita 13We hope you have enjoyed the visit!