Honey torrijas organic biodynamic ingredients evoo mediterranean easter dish

The “torrijas”, along with the pestiños, the donuts … are typical & classic Spanish Easter dish. According to what they are dipped in, and the way they are presented, there are several delicious varieties: with wine, syrup, honey or sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Today, from Cortijo el Puerto, we propose an easy recipe with eco products that you can cook with the little ones and enjoy at home these days: torrijas with honey.

Difficulty: easy

Preparation time: 1 – 2 hours

Honey Torrijas with Organic Ingredients

4 organic eggs **

Orange peel and cinnamon stick ***

Organic and Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ****

10 oz. Andalusian organic honey

6 oz. sugar

16 fl. oz of milk

Loaf of torrijas bread (they sell it in bakeries, patisseries, in the supermarket…). We have combined white bread and organic seed bread in this recipe.

** The quality of each ingredient adds up to the final result. The organic and biodynamic eggs from Cortijo el Puerto, from hens of the native Utrera breed give a special touch

Organic chickens native breed Cortijo el Puerto

Organic livestock cortijo el Puerto biodynamic farm

Hens of the native Utrera breed, pecking among orange trees. Organic livestock Cortijo el Puerto. Photo by Lola López Falantes
*** The oranges also come from the rich ecosystem at  Cortijo el Puerto, 100% organic

Organic biodynamic demeter certified EVOO and oranges cortijo el Puerto biodynamic farm

**** Liquid gold, the Organic and Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto, of the Koroneiki variety, makes the difference.
Cortijo El Puerto Koroneiki organic and biodynamic EVOO

Cortijo el Puerto Koroneiki organic biodynamic EVOO

***** There are delicious organic honeys and dozens of varieties in our land: thyme, rosemary, lavender, thousand flowers … Loramiel has beehives in our organic farm of Cortijo el Puerto where a delicious honey is collected from the Seville countryside

Preparation of torrijas with honey with organic ingredients:

We start by cooking the milk together with a cinnamon stick and the orange peel (even a little juice).

When it has boiled it is removed until it is warm and then we add the sugar, stirring so that it dissolves well.

huevos ecologicos biodinamicos Cortijo el Puerto

Dip bread: If the slices are already split, go ahead !!!, if not, cut the bread into slices about two centimeters thick, and place them in a source to soak along with the milk from which we have removed the cinnamon and the Orange peel; let them soak well but trying not to fall apart !!!

Demeter-Eier & Demeter-Geflügel biodynamische Cortijo el Puerto Spanien

If you are cooking with the kids, let then beat the eggs in a separate dish. Dip the slices of bread in the eggs and fry in a pan with boiling extra virgin olive oil (we have chosen the organic & biodynamic EVOO of the Koroneiki variety, with a slight bitterness that pairs perfectly with orange and honey) until golden brown. Then drain well. 

After frying them (a toasted touch is enough), the already fried slices are removed on a platter (we have covered it with kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil). 

Almost done !!!, We have made in a saucepan a type of syrup with honey reduced with water that we have heated. This “mead” is what we pour over the torrijas, soaking them well so that the already made torrijas are placed in a dish and sprinkled with honey reduced with water, becoming more spongy.

Demeter-Eier & Demeter-Geflügel biodynamische Cortijo el Puerto Spanien. bio olivenöl kaufen

Enjoy them cold and they keep perfectly in the fridge for a week. 

A real delight for all palates !!!