koroneiki-cortijo-el-puertoKoroneiki, a variety coming from Greece and one of the icons of the Greek olive, arrives to the Farm Collection (Colección Granja) at Cortijo el Puerto. The fruit is small, ovoid and slightly asymmetric. It ripens early and its yields are high and constant. It’s quick growing and performs well in warmer climates since it has a low chill requirement . Its Extra Virgin Olive Oil is appreciated by its quality, stability and high oleic. This cultivation of Koroneiki is part of our  R&D&I Plan (Research, Development and Innovation). Following our packaging philosophy, this new monovarietal is represented by the small owl. The Koroneiki owl is a nocturnal bird of very soft plumage and large eyes with  yellow irises. Cortijo el Puerto also bets for the innovation by using Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof paper, providing the product with exceptional aesthetic qualities, but furthermore instantly eliminating the problem of oil stains