In a mild summer morning, Cortijo el Puerto has received Leone D’Oro tasting team, the famous International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest, with its director Maria Paola Gabusi leading it.  Here, the have known our Precision and Organic Project, walking around the farm and enjoying the rich ecosystem that harmoniously integrates agriculture and livestock.

Olives, Almond, citrus and vegetable covers of the most varied have welcomed this magnificent te am also welcomed by our special Welcome Committee, donkeys, sheep and ducks!!! and overflown from the sky by eagles, kites and hawks.

After the walk, an appetizing organic breakfast!!. We hope that you have left with a happy and good taste and wishing to return! We are proud to welcome such a prestigious team in the world of olive oil worldwide and we appreciate your interest in our Organic and Innovation project.Thank you so much!.  We are working hard, with enthusiasm and love on it, and we consider it is noticeable!.

We work hard, with enthusiasm and care and we consider that it noticeable. We also invite you to read the thorough and interesting post of the Italian Blog Olissea, by Caterina Mazzocolin  y Miriam Bianchi, both experts in EVOO,  they visit us  with the team of tasters “International Leone d’Oro Competition”.
Olissea is a blog that aims to tell experiences from the point of view of those who work in the cultivation of the olive tree and its related industries, professional figures who are dedicated to the production of Top Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Goal is to spread the great potential of EVOO not only as food or remedy but also as incentive and motivation for the maintenance and beauty of the landscape, for the creation of workplaces and the subsequent repopulation of the countryside.

From Cortijo el Puerto we appreciate this visit and invite you to know our ecosystem and work philosophy and to taste the difference.