Green, Veraison and Ripe, three olive moments, give name to this new organic and gourmet series that we introduce you today.

The full moon, symbol of Cortijo el Puerto, illuminates the harvest nights of October, November and December. Luna Collection (Moon) consists of three Organic EVOO, a selection of different moments of olive maturity (green, purple, black) that comes to show how the oil produced from these olives evolves during the months of October, November and December.An Organic & Gourmet Collection. Exceptional coupages from the assembly of a selection of monovarietal oils carefully chosen to blend in a balanced mixture of flavour, colour and smell.

Only the olives in perfect condition are harvested, always at night, and transported in boxes, maintaining low temperatures throughout the process and quickly milled with cold extraction technique.

Tasting Note & Pairing

The green coupage is a fruity blend of green olives, reminds us of freshly cut fresh green grass, wildflowers, apple, green almond, banana, vanilla, green tomato. A clean aroma and bitterness. High number of polyphenols This green coupage comes from the assembly of a selection of monovarietal oils harvested at their best during the month of October when the olive has got an intense green colour.

It is the most powerful of the group. We recommend you to pair it in breakfasts and snacks with traditional and flavoured breads. Recommended in cold dishes, fruit salads, vinaigrettes and soft emulsions, cooked vegetables, fresh cheeses, mushrooms, pasta, poultry, white fish and seafood. Also in desserts, fruits and ice cream.

The purple coupage (veraison, the onset of ripening, refers to the moment of maturation) is fruity of green olives with ripe notes, banana, vanilla, floral. Leave an aftertaste of fruit porridge. It comes from the assembly of a selection of monovarietal oils, olives harvested during the month of November when the olive has an intense purple colour.

Delicious with traditional bread toast with oil and tomato, perfect synthesis of the Mediterranean diet. Also in snacks with sweet breads: hazelnuts, nuts. Recommended in salads like Greek. Greate with aubergines, zucchini, roasted vegetables. It also combines perfectly with cheeses, eggs, soft emulsions (Greek yoghurt, mayonnaise).

The black (ripe) coupage:  is soft and fruity of ripe olives, reminds us of wildflowers, apple, almond, banana, vanilla, tomato. The palate is sweet and balanced. It comes from the assembly of  monovarietal oils, olives  harvested at their best during the month of December when the olive has got an dark, almost black colour. Irresistible in breakfasts and snacks with traditional and special breads. Ideal in dressings, sauces and soft emulsions (béarnaise, mayonnaise). Perfect match with salads of green leaves or fruit, cooked vegetables, sautéed with mushrooms of mild flavour. Try it also with white fish. It gives a special touch in desserts, sweets and ice cream.

In addition, our packaging philosophy values to preserve our Ecosystem, and maximum stability of our EVOO qualitative characteristics, aromas, taste and its freshness. The packaging types we use for “Luna” Collection are:

# 175 ml and 500 ml Tinplate Cans (6.159139 & 17.59754 uk fl oz): they are lightweight, eco-friendly and keep light and oxygen away from the EVOO. It also shows quite good resistance to mechanical damage.

# Bag in Box (2 L/ 70.39016uk fl oz): vacuum packaging system with reduced Carbon Footprint. This system protects the product from oxygen and thus extends the useful life of the oil.

To preserve EVOO we recommend an airtight container, in a cool place and away from the light. This will ensure its properties for up to two years.

A singular set of oils of superior category excellent to finish dishes, it is perfect raw, stimulating our senses by its strong personality. It allows us to pair each plate with its ideal variety in order to appreciate nuances, aromas, flavours and organoleptic sensations of these three Coupages.

We invite you to come to visit us at our farm, to taste the difference and to get to know how we work. You can arrange a visit or have a look to our website