“Manzanilla Cacereña”,  the new organic EVOO variety in our “Granja” Collection is one of the twenty-four main varieties of olive trees in Spain, first mentioned in the XVI century. It comes mainly from the north of Cáceres, therefore the name: Manzanilla Cacereña. There remain still noble specimens of centenary olive trees, up to seven hundred years old. The variety is also called “Blanca Cacereña”, “Cacereña”, “Negrilla”, “Costaleña”.  Also known as “Avellanina”, “Azeiteria” or “Negrinha” in Portugal.

In Cortijo el Puerto, Manzanilla Cacereña is represented by the Hoopoe (Upupa epops) (Spanish Abubilla). This bird helps us in the olive grove with the biological control, especially in the spring, when there is a greater proliferation of pests and the Hoopoe, because of the breeding season timing need to collect more insects.

We are 100% Organic Farming, in Cortijo el Puerto we cultivate the Manzanilla Cacereña with hedgerow system (but not super intensive!!!) promoting soil quality and agricultural sustainability, adding a special value to this excellent and complex oil. This season its tasting note is fruity of green olives, with herbaceous notes like freshly cut grass, cinnamon, floral and fennel. In the mouth it is sweet, not bitter and little spicy, suggests fruits and background with hazelnuts, a very balanced oil.

Pairings: we recommend it in breakfasts with local and traditional breads or with Panettone. A sweet breakfast to start the day right! Ideal for fruit salads, sauces, vinaigrettes and emulsions, cooked vegetables, fresh cheeses, nuts and honey. Also with pasta, turkey or chicken, white fish and seafood. We love it in puddings and fruits!

We encourage you to try this special Manzanilla Cacereña extra virgin olive oil, available in our online store in 100 ml bottles. A new ideal format for gifts or for hand luggage!.

This new variety has been introduced this year, adding up to a total of eleven varieties so far. A large, large family!

We invite you to try our exclusive and unique collection and also to know our farm and philosophy, based on precision agriculture, ecology and commitment to quality.