The Granja family keeps growing and today we introduce the MINI GRANJA collection 4 x 250 ml.

100% Organic EVOO, pure olive juice from Arbequina, Arbosana, Picudo and Picual varieties. First day of harvest.

Cortijo el Puerto Mini Granja collection consists of a set of 4 bottles in gray and opaque glass of 250 ml with pink stopper and boxed in an attractive gift box easy to transport and ideal for special occasions. 

This set of four different EVOO varieties of superior category allows us to pair each plate with its ideal variety in order to appreciate nuances, aromas, flavours and organoleptic sensations of these different monovarietals.

In addition these bottles are labeled in Braille and use greaseproof paper.

In order to preserve the EVOO we recommend storing them in a cool dark place and away from the light and heat. This will ensure its properties for up to two years.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils are harvested at night avoiding artificial cooling methods, so the whole process is natural and sustainable.

Cortijo el Puerto continues to focus on building healthy soil and organic food of high nutritional value: oil, almonds, etc. and achieve low environmental impact. We look to the cosmos before planting and harvesting crops. All this, we consider is noticeable in our olives’ taste.

For those who still don’t know us, in our farm each variety lends its name to one of the animals or elements of our ecosystem and in return, they lend their image. So it is reflected in our packaging. This is part of our commitment to Biodiversity.

This time, the Picual partridge, the Picudo red-breasted robin, the Arbequina hare and the Arbosana duck are the protagonists in our Mini Granja collection. Each bottle of EVOO Mini Granja corresponds to a monovarietal and here you have the tasting notes and pairings to whet your appetite.



Tasting notes: Aroma fresh and clean. Fruity of green olives of medium to high intensity, its scent reminds us of freshly cut grass, banana, tomato, green almond (alloza), artichoke and citrus. In the mouth subtle flavour of olive leaf, green banana peel and licorice. Also bitterness and a sensation of pungency, a peppery kick and slightly astringent. With a background of citrus and nuts.

Pairing: Breakfasts and snacks with traditional and flavoured breads. Recommended in cold dishes, fruit salads, vinaigrettes and soft emulsions, cooked vegetables, fresh cheeses, pasta, poultry, white fish and seafood. Very rich in desserts, fruits and ice cream.



Tasting notes: Fresh and fruity green olives, medium intensity, then a delicate floral fragrance, notes of freshly cut grass, banana, green almond and artichoke, with touch of fennel, vanilla and a background of nuts. In the mouth it reminds one of banana and green apple. It presents a slight bitterness and a sensation of pungency, a slight peppery kick that persists of pleasant sensation in throat. It is a complex oil, with a balanced and persistent finish.

Pairing: Breakfasts and snacks with traditional breads (bar, payes) and sweets: orange, honey, nuts, figs. Combine with cold dishes, vinaigrettes, sauces and soft emulsions. Ideal in salads of green leaves with pineapple or mango. Iron with mushrooms of mild flavour (Boletus Edulis). White fish and seafood. Desserts, homemade chips and ice cream.



Tasting Notes: Fruity green olives of high intensity, grass, banana, artichoke, almond, tomato and fresh branch. In the mouth bitterness and medium itching, leaving notes of wood in the final aftertaste.

Pairing: Breakfast on Mediterranean toast (oil and tomato). Recommended with seasonal artichokes cooked, mushrooms of intense flavours (mushrooms of thistle). Ideal in stir-fry, sauteed, fried or scrambled eggs. Balances traditional stews (vegetable or meat) and rice dishes. 



Tasting notes: Floral, delicate and clean scent. Fruity green olives of medium to high intensity, freshly cut green grass, field flowers, tomato, green bean, almond, banana and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. In the mouth it seems bitter and spicy with a suitable balance, traces of olive leaf, the banana and even coffee bean. Very balanced, complex and persistent. 

Pairing: Breakfast  with traditional breads, panettone and pastries. Cold dishes, emulsions, homemade tomato sauces, carpaccio, mushrooms (B. Edulis, Amanita Caesarea) and white fish. 

Our Picudo variety (Cortijo el Puerto) has also been considered the most awarded worldwide in its variety. 

You will find more detailed information of all our varieties (11) in the booklet that we include in each of the cases of the Mini Granja collection that can be purchased either by email ( or through our online store.

Cortijo el Puerto is an ecological and innovation project with a commitment to quality and excellence. With the Mini Granja collection we expand our line of products that apart from delicious and healthy are considered a gourmet collection. From Cortijo el Puerto, we invite you to visit our farm, know our work philosophy and taste the difference.

Bon Appétit !