Organic &biodynamic almonds Cortijo el PuertoEcology and Innovation build sinergies for the biodynamic almond certification. A world first that obeys principles of sustainability and regeneration of nature as well as a background of innovation and cutting-edge technology in production, in service of the environment.Blossom Organic and biodynamich almond tree Cortijo el Puerto

Certified by Demeter, the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture, and one of the three predominant organic certifiers, our almonds become a worldwide benchmark for biodynamic almond cultivated in hedgerow system, five almond varieties framed in a global biodiversity recovery and regeneration environmental project.

Organic livestock Integración agricultura y ganadería ecologica y biodinámica

We are aware that our role in nature must be proactive, thus Cortijo el Puerto is part of a local and global movement organized and committed to plant and animal health and being a guarantee of quality, achieving a balanced product, tasty and nutritious.


Biodynamic is another step in organic farming, for instance, it takes into account the cycles of the moon in the harvest or the way to obtain the compost. By using these methods and procedures we focus to get a more rigorous organic farming. In this agriculture we seek to integrate plants with people and animals, everything is connected. biodiversity, pollination and almond treesThe farm is considered as a self-sufficient organism. Biodynamics could be called an “organic Plus” agriculture. This is a model able to answer the great challenges that the agricultural sector is already facing: scarcer rainfall, more degraded soils due to abuse and neglect and a demand for higher quality food as well as long-term sustainability.vegetation cover, biodiversity & almendro cubierta vegetal ecologico biodinámico cortijo el puerto

Taking the plunge to biodynamic of Cortijo el Puerto was a natural step after working in organic farming for a while, considering the farm as an ecosystem where we can create optimal conditions in the soil and the farm, interrelating the different agents and enriching and balancing them.almendro en seto con rapaz ecologico biodinámico cortijo el puerto

And the innovation?

Innovation is here an ally. The ecology and innovation binomial, basic feature of Cortijo el puerto provide an analytical, systematic, research and technology touch to biodynamic techniques and procedures, leading to a logical and measurable development.

Compost & bidynamic preparations preparados biodinámicos cortijo el puerto 3 Cortijo el Puerto was already a pioneer in the adaptation and organic certification of almond in hedgerow system (2018) with the use of dwarfing patterns, achieving a reduction of pruning work, mechanized harvesting, and cultivating varieties resulting from research.

Canal Sur Informativos 29_03_2019The innovation of adapting and adopting the hedgerow system to organic and now to biodynamic management in the entire farm, entails a great effort, given the limitations that this implies. Nevertheless, working hard and deeply convinced of this way, we pulled it off.

The biodynamic almond cultivation implies prevention measures, land care and soil protection. Its regeneration and enrichment, supported in compost and preparations in an organic and natural way.Compost and preparations Preparados y compost ecologico y biodinámico cortijo el puerto

Over time, it implies a strong cost savings, noticeable expansion of recycling and much more self-sufficiency (green & circular economy) and, above all, plant health, from the soil to the ripening of the almond and that is a guarantee of quality.Cortijo el Puerto organic almond trees