Royeta de Asque, the new organic EVOO variety in our “Granja” Collection comes from the Aragonese Somontano. It is a curious mix of tradition and Innovation: this variety comes from an unique remarkable olive tree that is several hundred years old noted for its rarity and its adaptation to the southern lands.

The “Royeta” is native only in an area of ​​the village of Asque (Colungo), north of Somontano (Aragón). These olive trees come from a single tree and were planted about a hundred years ago by the great-grandfather of today’s farmers.

Of small olive and reddish color, it is very resistant to extremes of temperature and pests, hardly needs pruning. An authentic survivor adapted to the south and the hedgerow system that we cultivate developing ecological cultivation techniques which respect and protect the environment.

This variety is early in the start of production, the quality of its Organic EVOO is excellent and with a high polyphenols content.

In Cortijo el Puerto, the Royeta is represented by a Border Collie, the intelligent and efficient shepherd dog, born to herd our sheeps!

The oil of this season is fruity of green olives with a banana and green grass background. balancing on the palate with puckering sensation in mouth created by tannins,bitterness and quite intense pungency, ending with a strong and located peppery kick.

We recommend you pair the Royeta de Asque variety with traditional breads, sweet orange breads, figs, honey, nuts or dark chocolate. It is ideal in cold dishes, sauces and soft emulsions. Also in salads of green leaves combined with tropical fruits.

The new Royeta de Asque oil is available in our online store in 100 ml bottles. A new ideal format for tasting, giving or for hand luggage!

Along with Chiquitita, Manzanilla Cacereña and Hojiblanca, this new variety has been introduced this year, adding up to a total of eleven varieties so far. A large, large family!

We invite you to try our exclusive and unique collection of monovarietals and also to know our farm and work philosophy, based on precision agriculture, ecology and commitment to quality.