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“We produce organic by supporting biodiversity, we integrate all the elements that exist in nature within the farm”

With this quote framed in a photo of olive trees among dandelions and a blue spring sky in Cortijo el Puerto, starts the interview that Oleo Magazine presents in its n. 180-181 April-September 2020.

The Professional Magazine of the world of oil and senior publication of Versys Ediciones S.L. interview with Enrique de la Torre CEO of IngeOliva-Cortijo el Puerto.

Ecology, Innovation, Quality, Biodynamics, Agriculture and livestock integration, Biodiversity, Multidisciplinarity, Agriculture 4.0, Sensors, Land, R & D, Family, EVOO … The article is indeed a thorough review of the work and the ecology and innovation project that we perform in Cortijo el Puerto.

In the link that follows we invite you to read the full article (Spanish).

Read here the complete article in “Oleo”, Oil Magazine 180-181 on Cortijo el Puerto

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A broad overview of our definition as a company and project, why organic, the alliance with innovation and cutting-edge technology. The importance of biodiversity as a fundamental resource, multidisciplinarity as a team strategy, commitment to the environment and to the quality of our products …

Cortijo el Puerto ecología 4.0

Our thanks to Myriam Martínez and the great team at Oleo Revista. A very complete article that has managed to draw us perfectly.

For those who cannot read Spanish here you have a link to an english version of the interview

Read here an English version of the article in “Oleo”, Oil Magazine 180-181 on Cortijo el Puerto

Thank you and happy reading

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