“Luna” Collection by Cortijo el Puerto triumphs in New York!!!

The three Organic EVOO Coupages have participated this year in the prestigious Contest and have been awarded with three Gold Medals!!!.

For the fourth consecutive year, our Extra Virgin Olive Oils receive recognition at the NYIOOC, The New York International Olive Oil Competition.This year we have introduced the newly released Luna Collection, with full success!!!

Three Oils presented and the three of them awarded with Gold: Early Coupage, Veraison and Ripe. An Organic & Gourmet Collection.

This  trilogy for all tastes,offers a a selection of different moments of olive maturity (green, purple, black) that comes to show how the oil produced from these olives evolves during the months of October, November and December.

The green coupage, fruity of green olives, reminds us of freshly cut fresh green grass, wildflowers.It is the most powerful of the group and with a high number of polyphenols. Rich, rich and healthy for the most demanding and prepared palates. It is harvested under the October moon. 

The purple coupage (veraison, word that refers to the moment of maturation), is fruity of green olives with ripe notes, banana, vanilla, floral. This coupage has recently been awarded with Ecotrama and Special Mention Best Organic Fruity EVOO. It comes from the assembly of a selection of monovarietal oils harvested during the month of November when the olive has an intense purple colour.

Finally, our black(ripe) coupage is soft and fruity of ripe olives, reminds us of wildflowers, apple, almond, banana, vanilla, tomato. The palate is sweet and balanced. It comes from olives carefully picked under December moon, so it is a mild oil, appreciated with this gold medal also in New York.

The widely known and awarded Farm Collection Monovarietal Organic EVOO, now shares awards with the New Collection Luna, Organic Coupages. These awards fill us with pride, given the international prestige that this contest has achieved. Very, very happy!!! We keep on working on  our Green Project and shows how 100% organic EVOOs are competitive and of the highest quality.

Have you already tried the Luna Collection? 

Thank you all!!!