According to the recently released EVOO World Ranking the Spanish Company IngeOliva (Cortijo el Puerto) appears in first place as the most awarded company in Spain and the world in 2017.

With fifty-eight awards in the 2017 campaign, Cortijo el Puerto has become world number one. Our awards in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, Italy, Israel, Argentina lend a special significance to this final magnificent result.

This world ranking has especially awarded three of our 11 varieties as the most scored: Picudo, Arbosana and Oliana. The variety Arbequina has got the second place and Picual the sixth within their respective categories.

Particularly, Oliana’s EVOO is the result of fifteen years of study and innovation and was first launched in 2016 by Cortijo el Puerto.

 Furthermore, in terms of packaging design, numerous international awards have been obtained and it has scored in all the contests in which we have participated.

We consider these awards as a reward for our commitment to excellence, enthusiasm and focused effort and it gives us more strength for this lifelong learning.

The EVOO World Ranking has been created to promote the most awarded EVOO worldwide. It awards the EVOO, which have taken part in any of the 30 contests held during the year 2017 that the EVOOWR considers. The competitions are classified by continent and country, also rotated by continent (or sub area of the world) and number of samples and participating countries.

This allows us to know which EVOOs are the most awarded in the world, also the societies, the best by variety or type, and what area of the world they are from. Five years ago this World Ranking was published to communicate to the consumer the quality of THE MOST AWARDED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS IN THE WORLD, but it was made more than ten years ago based on the ranking system WRW & S (World Ranking Wine & Spirit) created in the year 1997 by the WAWWJ (World Association of Journalists of Wine and the Spirit).

In the category by country, Spain leads the EVOO World Ranking, followed by Italy, USA, Portugal and Greece. We are proud to contribute to the Marca España we consider it result of the good work of the farmers and national producers.

As a young five-year-old Company you can bet that we are very excited with these results and news just starting 2018 !!!

Our team wants to thank all of you who support us and make possible and inspiring our everyday work. We are 100% organic!

We keep on working!