Koroneiki organic & biodynamic EVOO _ecologico y biodinámico AOVE cortijo el puerto

Variety originally from Greece,  our organic & biodynamic Koroneiki EVOO, is a true elixir of the gods. Result of the rich and balanced ecosystem of the farm, this EVOO stands out for the stability and quality,  loaded with powerful antioxidants (polyphenols). In the farm we have adapted it to organic and hedgerow system and is remarkably its earliness and resilience.

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The Koroneiki owl is a nocturnal bird with very soft plumage and large yellow iris eyes, so common in the olive grove that the popular proverb associates it to its home “Every owl to its olive tree”.


Integrated crop–livestock systems: Strategies to achieve synergy between agricultural production and environmental quality


Cortijo el Puerto supports biodiversity, protects, promotes and encourages it. Biodiversity in fauna and flora, and also in olive varieties. 11 olive varieties in the farm, of which, 8 has been released this year in our  “Granja” (“Farm”) series, all of them organic and biodynamic. Reflection of biodiversity and ecosystem integration, we have chosen as image of each olive variety, one of the animals of the farm, normally linked to its habitat area. Thus, the owl represents the variety of Greek origin Koroneiki, as was the owl symbol of the goddess Athena, from whom we borrow our taste for knowledge and research.

Cortijo el Puerto Koroneiki organic biodynamic olive oil ecologico y biodinámico AOVE

To talk about Cortijo el Puerto Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oils is to talk about Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability. Our “Granja”  collection  has been widely awarded and worldwide positioned ( first three places of the EVOO World Ranking 2017, 2018  and 2019) shows how ecology can be fully competitive.


We know that by understanding soils and ecosystem interactions, we produce food in a healthier way and with higher quality. Over time, it implies strong cost savings, noticeable expansion of recycling and much more self-sufficiency (green & circular economy) and, above all, plant health, from the soil to the ripening of the olive and that is a guarantee of quality.

Organic & Biodynamic EVOO varieties _AOVE Granja ecollógico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto Koroneiki Organic and biodynamic EVOO of Cortijo el Puerto this season is fruity green and ripe olives of medium intensity, grass, green banana, artichoke, tomato, green almond. In the mouth it presents a slight bitterness and peppery kick. Reminiscent of fresh branch, medium persistence. It is available in 500 ml in black or transparent bottle in a case. It is labelled with greaseproof paper, organic cellulose that prevents the appearance of any stain produced by the oil.

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In breakfasts with the traditional toasted bread with oil and tomato synthesis of the Mediterranean diet. Also in snacks with sweet breads: hazelnuts, nuts. Ideal in salads like the classic Greek salad. Delicious with aubergine, zucchini or roasted vegetables. It combines perfectly with cheeses, eggs, soft emulsions (Greek yogurt, mayonnaise), white fish and seafood. Delicious ambrosia for daily use,

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