Talking about the excellent quality of Organic extra virgin olive oil take us to its origin: the olive tree.

After all, EVOO is pure olive juice!

Cata AOVE ecologico biodinámico Oliana

There are nearly 300 million olive trees in Spain, mainly concentrated in the centre and south of the country, and more than 250 different olive varieties, each one with their own distinctive and particular qualities.

In this post we want to show you 8 different olive varieties 100% organic & biodynamic that we raise at Cortijo el Puerto (Lora del Río, Seville)

Own personality

Each oil has its own personality. A variety and even a brand  like ours make a difference.

Being Organic & Biodynamic is also a choice.  The prevention measures, land care and soil protection, the way to control pests, harvest time… are determining factors for the organoleptic features, composition and quality of food.

logo_EN_Organic biodynamic DEMeter agriculture

In Cortijo el Puerto, we like the nature of the farm to be present in our EVOOs, because they are the result of it. Therefore, each variety is represented by an animal from the Cortijo.

Alimentos anos Cortijo el Puerto ecología biodinámico e innovación 2019

It reflects the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna that characterises and defines Cortijo el Puerto and the intimate union of a rich ecosystem that produces this exquisite oil.

Let’s get to know more about the different olive varieties


Arbequina Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Olive variety originally native to Arbeca, in the Lleida region of Les Garrigues, where the name comes from. Soft and sweet flavour oil. The fruit is highly aromatic, small, symmetrical. It has recently become one of the dominant olive cultivars in the world

arbequina ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puertoHare

The Arbequina Hare runs freely in full freedom within the estate. It feeds on a the variety of plants (mainly legumes) and drinks water from small, easily accessible ponds designed for them

Arbequina Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Fresh and fruity green olives, medium intensity, then a delicate floral fragrance, notes of freshly cut grass, banana, green almond, with touch of fennel, vanilla and a background of nuts. In the mouth it reminds one of banana and green apple. It presents a slight bitterness and a sensation of pungency, a very slight peppery kick, of pleasant sensation in throat. It is a complex oil, with a balanced and persistent finish. Its sweet nature (the absence of bitterness) make it very agreeable in the markets, or with people, that aren’t accustomed to using extra virgin olive oil.


Breakfasts and snacks with traditional breads and sweets: orange, honey, nuts, chocolate, figs. Recommended in cold dishes, sauces, vinaigrettes and soft emulsions (béarnaise, mayonnaise). Salads of green leaves, tropical fruits like pineapple or mango. Especially recommended with cauliflower and cooked vegetables, mild mushrooms or Boletus Edulis. White fish and seafood. Excellent in cocktails (Fizz cocktail), desserts, sweets, homemade nutella and ice cream.

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Arbosana Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Olive variety originally fron NE Spain. It is perfectly adapted to our rich andalusian ecosystem at Cortijo el Puerto. It stands out above others varieties for its precocity in production and the quality of its oil.

arbosana ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puerto


The Arbosana duck enriches the agricultural ecosystem. It lives in ponds that have been created from rainwater and are provided with central islands that protect them from possible predators. Share habitat with other species in these biodiversity shelters perfect for camouflage.

Arbosana Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Clean aroma of green grass, freshly cut fresh, wild flowers, apple, green almond, banana, vanilla, green tomato. In the mouth it is sweet, medium bitterness and a sensation of pungency, with a background of citrus fruits and nuts.


Breakfasts with traditional bread. Delicious in cold dishes, vinaigrettes and seafood. Ideal with cheeses and pasta. Also in desserts, sweets and ice cream.

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Hojiblanca Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Variety of Andalusian origin. Its name comes from the characteristic light color of the underside of the leaves. Its oil is highly valued by consumers

hojiblanca ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puertoRooster

The Hojiblanca rooster is a bird of native breed that awakens the farm with its characteristic song at dawn, pecks freely with the rest of hens and stays at night in mobile hen houses

Hojiblanca Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Fruity green olives of medium high intensity, green grass, citrus, almond and green tomato, banana, artichoke and fresh branch. The palate is sweet, light bitter and itchy high in progression (chilli), reminiscent of banana and green notes of grass and leaf, great persistence and balance. Hojiblanca is sweet inlet and spicy progression, exquisite for expert palates, rich in antioxidants, very high levels of Polyphenols.


Breakfast with a multitude of traditional, aromatic and integral breads. Very versatile oil for different culinary techniques and pairings: salads, gazpachos, salmorejo, ajoblanco, poached eggs, pasta, cereals, stewed vegetables, meats, stews and fish. Pastry and desserts for its excellent combination.

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Chiquitita Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

To talk about Chiquitita cortijo el Puerto is to talk about Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability. Here is the R&D touch: it is the first olive variety selected for its use in hedgerow system and is the result of research for genetic improvement of olive trees.

Our happy chicks!


Chiquitita olive variety, is represented by the chicks that are raised on the farm, in an ecological environment. These small birds of the Utrerana autochthonous breed grow up in a farm that produces corn purposely for their food, that entertain them in “swings custom-made ” and cradles them at night in mobile Hen Houses

Chiquitita Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Fruity green olives, with herbaceous notes such as freshly cut grass, green almond,  artichoke and aromatic plants. In the mouth it is sweet, with a lightly bitter ending and medium peppery kick as well as vegetable flavour. Medium bitterness and persistent pungency


Ideal match with citrus, honey, nuts and chocolate. Delicius in raw, vinaigrettes and emulsions (alliolli, mayonnaise). Green leafy salads and seafood

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Koroneiki Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Variety  originally native to Greece, It is noticeable the stability and quality of its oil. High content in oleic and polyphenols. Perfectly adapted to the hedgerow system. Stands out for early and resilient.

koroneiki aove ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puertoOwl

The Koroneiki owl is a nocturnal bird of very soft plumage and large eyes with yellow irises, so common in the olive tree that the proverb associates it to its home. Thus the popular saying “Every owl to its olive tree” meaning that each one should go to their place and to care for their own affairs.

Koroneiki Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Fruity green olives of medium intensity, it reminds us of apple, fruit porridge and tomato, with a touch of cinnamon and spices, nuts such as hazelnut and walnut. Sweet in the mouth, with dry fruit aftertaste and olive leaf. Medium bitterness and pleasant pungency sensation that appears clearly in mouth and throat.


Breakfasts with traditional bread toast with oil and tomato, synthesis of the Mediterranean diet. Also in snacks with sweet breads: cinnamon, hazelnuts, walnuts. Recommended in salads like the classic Greek salad. Especially with aubergines, peppers and roasted vegetables, cheeses (Feta, Manouri, Blues), pasta, eggs, soft emulsions (Greek yogurt, mayonnaise), white fish and seafood.

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PicualPicual Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Spanish olive variety widely rooted in the Andalusian territory, mainly in Jaén. Highlights its high performance, stability and easy collection. The oil is rich in polyphenols and oleic.

picual ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puertoPartridge

The Picual partridge lives happily and freely in this ecosystem, using the vegetation cover for its babies, and seeking refuge freely across the vegetation cover along with its babies, and seeks refuge among the hedgerows (SETOS) by the olive trees.

Picual Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Slightly bitter, fruity green olives of medium-high intensity, green grass, banana, artichoke, almond, tomato. In the mouth bitterness and medium-high peppery kick, great persistence. Very high levels of Polyphenols. These are oils with a lot of personality, which maintain their flavour over time. They are magnificent for cooking at high temperatures.


Recommended with sauteed, fried or scrambled eggs. Balance traditional stews, vegetable pizzas, vegetable stews and rice. Especially good with cooked artichokes of season, mushrooms of intense flavours (Thistle mushrooms).

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Picudo Organic Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto

Andalusian olive tree originally from Baena (Córdoba). Its name is due to the shape of the olive, curved and pointed. The variety is in severe recession and almost extinction. The Picudo oil from Cortijo el Puerto is a leading figure in the World Ranking.

robin oliveRobin

The robin Picudo attracted by the biodiversity of the farm contributes to increase the avifauna of the area. These melodic song birds have an ideal habitat, ponds, nests and ecological olive trees, which favour their territoriality.

Picudo Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Fruity green olives of high intensity, In the mouth it seems bitter and spicy with a suitable balance, traces of olive leaf, the banana and even coffee bean. Very balanced, complex and persistent.


 It is one of our favorites for traditional breads, panettone and pastries. exquisite in cold dishes, emulsions, homemade tomato sauces, carpaccios, mushrooms (Boletus Edulis, Amanita Caesarea) and white fish

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Oliana Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el PuertoOlive variety product of the R & D, crossing of Arbequina and Arbosana, whose oil was the world first of Cortijo el Puerto (2016)

oliana olive variety cortijo el puerto organic biodynamic evooJenny (FEMALE DONKEY)

In our farm, each variety lends its name to one of the animals or elements of our ecosystem. In this case, we have named one of our jennies (our female donkey) Oliana, as a tribute to the traditional “beast of burden”, Its breed is at risk of extinction. This is part of our commitment to Biodiversity.

Oliana Organic & Biodynamic EVOO Tasting Note

Oliana, fruity green and ripe olives of medium intensity, fruit porridge, fennel, apple and ripe banana. In the mouth seet, trace notes of nuts such as walnut and chestnut, without bitterness. Suggesting olfactory notes, very balanced. Ideal for children.


Breakfasts and snacks with traditional breads and special (nuts, orange and honey, chestnut flour). Recommended in cold dishes, sauces and mild emulsions (bearnesa, mayonnaise). In green leafy salads or fruit, cooked vegetables, mild mushrooms, Pasta and white fish. Also in desserts, sweets and ice cream. Absolutely delicious!

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tasting oliana organic biodynamic olive oil evoo

Green Biodynamic Gold Cortijo el Puerto

«Granja» perfectly illustrates the variety and richness of our farm in which its inhabitants have become protagonists. A 100% organic-biodynamic and gourmet top quality EVOO ready to taste. Delicious green gold from Cortijo el Puerto.

A singular set of oils of superior category excellent to finish dishes, it is perfect raw, stimulating our senses by its strong personality, what that allows us to pair each plate with its ideal variety in order to appreciate nuances, aromas, flavours and organoleptic sensations of these eight different mono-varietals.Granja ecologico y biodinamico aove cortijo el puerto demeter


And this is only talking about using them raw!!!. If on top of that we add their behaviour when heated, even more differences emerge!!!! We invite you to explore the multiple possibilities with extra virgin olive oil when cooking. There isn’t just one olive oil for everything and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Yummy, yummy, can’t you almost smell them from the pictures?

Dare to taste the difference